5 Reasons Why You Need Email Marketing for Your Business

Email marketing is a very important marketing tool for all businesses. When you have a list of subscribers, you have a readership that you can promote your products or services to at any time. Many marketers have enjoyed success with email marketing and if you are not using this powerful marketing tool yet, you should consider using it now.

There are many reasons why you need to use email to market your business. Although the email appears to be a simple medium, when it is crafted well, it can bring unbelievable results. Now, let me share with you 5 reasons why email marketing is important:

1. Readership. The only way to get your business recession-proof is when you have your own loyal readers in your list. If you have established a good relationship with your subscribers & customers, you can market anything to them through emails. They will most likely open and read your mails and if your offer is good, you stand a higher chance to make sales. You can also share useful information such as industry news to your subscribers to keep them updated with the current trend.

2. Good channel to share information. If you have any pre-launch, you can use email marketing to let your customers know in advance and build up the anticipation before the actual launch. Building anticipation before a big launch is a very useful marketing technique which you can do it with email marketing. Furthermore, you can even offer discounts and special offers to your subscribers to further enhance your relationship with them.

3. Email marketing is fast. Nothing beats the speed of an email when it comes to communication transmission. With email marketing, you can get your message across to your subscribers within seconds. This provides you with a way to communicate instantly with your customers and the ability to service any request from them.

4. Able to write sales copy with links to your site for better interaction. With email marketing, you can write sales copy and position the links to your website. In this way, your subscribers can click on the links and visit your site to get more information about your offer. On your website, you can then list down in details the benefits and features of the product or service that you offer to entice them to buy it.

5. Able to track the performance of the campaign. Most email marketing system allows you to track the number of emails that are successfully sent, the number of subscribers who opened up and read your email, the number of emails that are undeliverable, the number of people who unsubscribed from your list – all in a single and comprehensive email campaign report. With these statistics, you will be able to quantify the ROI more easily.


6. Build Authority With Your Prospects.¬†An email campaign is a great way to educate your readers and give away value in order to build your own authority with potential prospects, and push them towards the sale. Sign up for any B2B SAAS email list like¬†Statement-Matching.com (an SAAS accounting application) and you’ll see the company using education to engage their readers. In this case,¬†Statement-Matching.com’s emails help businesses manage their accounting departments and show them how to reconcile vendor statements, pushing their readership towards the sale in the process.

Email is easy to use but it is also easy to get wrong. We have all sent or received an email which we have misinterpreted so think about how your customers will respond. Double check the message and be careful with the wording. Email marketing is a tool that all marketers should make use of. Try out email marketing and benefit from it now.


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