3 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Collect Your Blog Visitors Email Address

Digital marketing has created the traditional way to market products and services to the next level.  Customer behavior has evolved through adaptation of the technology of the times.  It is amazing to compare how things are sold before and how it is made easy by just a click away.  A lot have embraced digital marketing because it is effective.  It created a very diverse marketplace with no limits.  It made things reachable.  With the seamless markets, geographic boundaries have been defied.  Competition is stiff and so every site visitor is as valuable.

Why is it a good idea to collect email addresses of those who visit your blog?  There are three reasons which I think will enlighten you and hopefully see its benefit too.


These visitors to your site are looking for something and it could be what you are selling.  They are prospects.  You see, in traditional sales prospecting, you have to list all possible prospects using a telephone directory or you go out there and join social events and organizations to meet other people.  While we cannot take away great results of face to face engagement, people are embracing the internet.  The internet is exceptionally a great potential for business.



These visitors are your contacts.  Somehow they are able to reach your website because they have been referred by others or they have seen some adverts that led them to your site.  The main point is they are interested.  This fact makes them worthy to be your contacts.  Building your contacts is a good practice when you are into business.  It is so easy to make regular updates.

Business development

While a sale is very important, it is paramount to build relationships with your followers.  Building relationships by sending them updates on your posts or free newsletters is strategy you can use.  Conversion might be a little later but then the most important thing is being able to establish rapport with your visitors and build a trusting relationship that will ultimately be converted into sales and repeat sales.

When you value those who visit your website and continue to connect with them, you will be building a community within your website.  This is one way to achieve your sales goals.  Bank on your contact; they will bring the viral marketing magic to your business.  Do not ever fall into the trap of being complacent because you have an awesome traffic coming in.  You have to get this traffic buy from you and online buying behavior of people is different.  It considers your name, your personality as a website.  While there is no face to face encounter, how you represent your website to your prospects will determine the success of your business.

If you will keep these in mind, I will not be surprised that soon enough, you will be generating an ROI you have never expected to come so soon.


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